Archer’s Arch


Mathematics was/is one of my favourite subjects and even before I started taking pictures, I realized that most of the pictures I liked had a peculiar mathematics in them, in their composition, to be precise. Some photographs have a symmetry in their composition that they indirectly reveal the conscious or sub-conscious mathematical instincts of a photographer. For me, much more than technical aspects (ISOs,shutter-speeds,apertures etc), it is the composition that strikes the first chord because i believe that is the basic skeleton of a good photograph. The technical aspects form the skins and layers.

I took the above photograph inside the Red Fort, in Delhi. This particular photograph is one of my favourite compositions (I have very few favourites, among my photographs and no, I am not being modest here) because I took some time there to get the right composition. The minarets of the outer wall of the fort, seen from a long corridor in the fort appealed to me a lot. More so, given the contrasts in the light colours outside and inside. This shot, helped me to learn and to be more observant when it comes to lines, colours, symmetries, paths and positions.

What is even more intriguing is that the picture – the arch top, a rod in the middle and a hanging wire in the bottom, also appears to symbolize a bow & arrow, an observation that came out only after I took it, but not while composing the shot. I could see a bow and an arrow, pointed skywards. And now, after i see it on laptop, i see two sign-boards on the bottom two corners of the the photograph. The one on the left reads “As” (or is it RS?) and the one on the right reads “RAM”.

The cryptic bow and arrow looking shot, of a Mughal Fort, has a signature too – “AS RAM”. Interesting! Indeed it is an Archer’s Arch!


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