Dancer’s devotion

Dancer's devotion

The artist is Ashrita Vemuganti.


Dawning city



The Cat Stare!

We all fly…

Portrait of a Singer

When my soul throbs for a breath,

your music fills the void with life…

a life that drowns the soul…

in the endless echoes of eloquent melodies…

Your music is your life…

and in a way, mine too…



The cold wind blew all night

And we warmed ourselves by the open fire

I cut some drying branches off the past

You too broke off the leaves of bygone moments

I cleaned out my pocket of all the lifeless poems

You too opened a bunch of faded missives

With my very eyes I severed a few strings, and

Threw out the many stale lines from my palms

You brushed off the dried moistness from your eyes

Whatever we found sor growing all night on our bodies

We lopped off and consigned to the flames


All night, our breath kept alive each flame

And the fuel inside our bodies

All night we warmed ourselves on a dying relationship.

– Gulzar

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